Friday, 16 May 2008

Entry 11: in which we have a dull meeting

Had the meeting which, as usual, was as dull as ditchwater. I’m sure Mrs G is a stakeholder but she never puts in an appearance. Signs of intelligence after all.

The archangels are the vainest things in creation and spend most of the time whispering to each other behind their hands. About what? Does my bum look big in this? In my capacity as Chair I glower suitably and they look as guilty as poo, then they start at it again!

Only one item on the agenda (again) which is the interventionist vs non-interventionist one. I mean it’s a complete no-brainer. Set up your natural laws and let the universe rip is my advice to all and sundry. The moment you intervene you’re stuffed. You’ll be doing nothing else till the big collapse.

Of course you always get an archangel coming in with the “What if a wee sentient being was about to be crushed by a falling rock” argument. To which my answer is “Strawberry jam”. This has the whole bunch of them, cherubs too, looking like a wet Wednesday and more whispering behind hands ensues.

The point is I’ve been here before. The moment you intervene you set up a string of unintended consequences that require yet more intervention and before you know it you have a circle of quite untameable ferocity.

Surprised to find both Lucifer and the Ghost backing me on this one. The boy, who I can usually count on for support, was nowhere to be seen. And no apologies for absence either.

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