Monday, 17 November 2008

Entry 55: in which the Ghost dishes the goss

Where's an archangel when you want one? No, no, the question is rhetorical. Fact is, I can't move for tripping over cherubim, but Lucifer and the rest distinctly thin on the ground.

Digression to self: Is some sort of census required? I mean, where do they (cherubim) come from? I'm sure there are more every time I look. Or is it that they just move around a lot? Anyway, with Mrs G being a trifle exercised, this must go into the "Sometime" folder ...

No Lucy, but did bump into the Ghost.

"What ho etc.," I volunteer, but skimp on the pleasantries as I can see he is bursting with news, "What gives on the Planet of the Apes, then?"

And he catalogues the following, none of which I find reassuring:

- the lad is a right smart-arse (this is news?)
- he has grown his hair
- he is wearing sandals
- he has persuaded some lads even dimmer than himself to chuck in their day jobs and follow him around
- he is wowing the locals with miraculous performances
- he is right up the noses of various worthies, essentially by (a) being cleverer than them (this is news) and (b) by messing with the forex desk in some temple or other
- and generally raising his profile past the point where the numbers change from green to red

Now I should explain the obvious.

Obvious point the first: when you step down a dimension you can be as thick as curdled milk and still know more than the threaties.

Obvious point the second: biologically embedded entities can't do real pan-dimensional stuff, which does really come across as miraculous. Thus while the lad can do plenty of mind-control, wake the dead, get the lame walking, that sort of thing, he can't actually grow back severed limbs or give folks three eyes. He can change his density of course, but unless he plans walking on water some time (ha ha) I can't see that being much use to him.

Anyway, even I can see that it's time for Plan B, and the moment I can track Lucy down, I shall set it in motion.

All we need is a little luck and ... some temptation!



Janelle said...

oh joy. you're back! as am i from a wild horse safari west kilimanjaro. well well well. the boy is certainly going far beyond his capabilities, it seems....x j

Ernest de Cugnac said...

wild horse safari - now that is heaven!