Friday, 3 October 2008

Entry 49: in which the clouds have parted

Glad tidings. About time. But never mind. Anyway, the fact is that Mrs God is once again all sweetness and light. It appears that the gloom occasioned by the lad's ill-thought departure to Earth has lifted and she is once again taking an interest in the realm and its denizens.

She has (I learn through diverse and subtle means) instructed the wretched Ghost to keep some kind of watching brief over the boy and report progress. It seems that what she hears has pleased her.

The salient facts are these:

- Herod's plan to terminate the boy in his earthly form has failed
- it appears that his foster father, family in tow, headed for parts unknown - well, unknown to Herod, though known to others as Egypt. My sources have it that one of the seraphim tipped him off and headed him in that direction; strictly against regs, but can't be arsed to chase this rumour down
- lying low for a while seems to have done the trick (in that Herod has shuffled off his earthly coil) and the family are now ensconced in Nazareth where the lad's biological analogue is putting on a goodly spurt of growth
- there are disconcerting though utterly believable hints that he is growing up a proper little know-it-all. I do wish he would learn to keep a low profile, but alas, this is where these excursions of his tend to come unstuck.

Oh well. I suspect it is these very rumours of his precocity that have kindled a warm glow in Mrs G's maternal recesses and brightened her disposition.

We shall see.


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Brilliant! As always.

Janelle said...

he's a pesky little buggar eh?? as absolute vanilla (is that an ice cream?) says, Brilliant. completely. going out like a stuck record.....x.j

Pam said...

Brilliant! (She says, in a what-we-tell-you-three-times-is-true stylee. Or maybe just in joined-up whiting.)

Ernest de Cugnac said...

av, janelle, pam - well you lot are brilliant too. Many thanks.

Does keep me going, and I'm interested to see where this leads too (though some of it has been leaked before, courtesy King James).