Thursday, 12 June 2008

Entry 18: in which Cherubim are sent packing

Good grief. Just when I think that eternity is dull, it suddenly gets duller.

That's right, another delegation. This time a bunch of soppy cherubim who seem to have adopted a planet with cute (their description) silicon-based life forms. Alas, said planet is tearing itself apart with a hefty bout of vulcanism, silicon life forms are reverting back to sand (well, glass actually) and will I please do something about it.

Well there are just two wee problems (a) I'm philosophically opposed to interventionism as anyone who pays me the slightest heed should know and (b) doing anything in a dimension other than your own is a tad tricky. Now I don't like to overplay the latter because I have a reputation to uphold, so I said I would give it some thought and it would help me a lot if they would go away and produce some drawings of said life forms.

This seemed to divert them a bit and off they went chattering happily like a bunch of happy chattering things. With any luck, they'll forget all about it; cherubim have remarkably short attention spans.

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