Friday, 13 June 2008

Entry 19: on omnipotence

Those wretched cherubim. What they, and the rest of the free-loaders that inhabit My realm have no idea about, is how difficult this omnipotence thing is. (Where do the little buggers come from? - sorry that's rhetorical, no one actually seems to know).

Sought solace by having a good gripe about cosmic responsibilities to Mrs God. She's a good soul, if a trifle inattentive. This latter tendency masked by a ready stream of platitudes, served up by autopilot. Mind you, when I'm in one of my moods, like now, platitudes are better than nothing.

"Well, you know I'm omnipotent ..." I said as a lead-in.

She sniffed. Or possibly snorted. "Really dear?"

"And omnipresent".

"Except when I'm looking for you" came her tart reply.

Well, you can see the kind of thing I'm up against. For goodness sake! I never said I was omnipresent in this dimension. If I was the sodding cherubim wouldn't have to come looking for Me, would they? Doesn't anyone but Me take the time and trouble to understand dimensional topology?


Janelle said...

yes yes. me. its about hills, hey?

Ernest de Cugnac said...

Hi janelle - I think you mean topography, but I suspect you're pulling my leg.