Sunday, 6 July 2008

Entry 26: in which One is a monkey, apparently

Well the Metatronic social event has come and gone, thanks be. Mrs G all in a twitter, straightening this, tidying that. Felt like reminding her that he's "only" an archangel, but didn't want to push my luck. She laments the shortage of good company.

He arrived bearing a bunch of flowering things, showers of compliments, could have given Lucy a run for his money. Mrs G quite aglow with it all, as per.

Even the lad turned up, and decided to sit in on it.

Actually I was quite interested to get the goss straight from the horse's mouth as it were. Turns out that the denizens of Earth are quite religious just as Lucy predicted eons ago. Mostly multiple gods, which I personally think is a good thing, but a few religions promoting the idea of one "true" god which is far more worrying.

Now I know what you're thinking - why wouldn't a deity like me be pleased with one-true-god type religion? OK, let's back up a bit. Suppose we had a religious tradition of sun god and a moon god. Well strictly speaking I'm neither of those. So if in this tradition they decided to ditch the sun god and keep the moon god as the one true god, that would not automatically be me would it?

Here's another thing I've often noticed. Neighbours who have lots of gods to go around don't generally quarrel over them. But when those same neighbours each have one true god, look out. You can't say knife before they start ramming their true gods down each other's throats.

I digress.

Metatron also told me that some earthlings believe that I have made them, and I quote, "in my own image". The utter cosmic arrogance implicit in this quite took my breath away. I asked him to take a close look at me and then tell me which part of me looks like a naked ape. He had to admit that there was no part of me that looks much like a naked ape, or even like a hyper-ape.

Tore off in a fury to show the bloody earthlings what I do look like but only succeed in setting a bush on fire and scaring the crap out of a local called Moses.

This put me in good humour which evaporated as soon as I remembered where I should be. Returned at once to a slightly frosty Mrs G who said that Metatron had made his excuses and left shortly thereafter and did I have any inkling how rude I had been?

Tempting to say "Yes, but am I bothered?". Well tempting for all of 2 milliseconds, then sanity returned. I looked suitably contrite instead.

Monkey eh? But then again, am I bothered?

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LdyBlack said...

actually wasn't it, what you might call,His backside He showed? :)