Sunday, 27 July 2008

Entry 32: in which I learn more and less than I want to

Found Gabriel surrounded by the chattering classes, viz., Cherubim. I am getting quite paranoid about the little sods. Whenever I arrive, two things happen. First, the chattering ceases - for which one could be grateful - but which makes one feel that they have been talking about one. Second they rather melt away, much like snowflakes on a hot spade. Well I say that, but what kind of idiot stands around in a snowstorm with a hot spade?

However spades, hot or cold, are not the point, neither are snowflakes. Where was I? Oh yes, well in a minute or two Gabriel and I pretty well had the space to ourselves, and by way of making polite conversation I asked him to run this Do Soak You thing past me.

Big mistake. Ere long I was thoroughly double glazed but having opened the spigot he seemed loath to close it and the torrent of numerology just kept washing over me.

In an effort to stem the flow asked Gabby if he had seen anything of the Meta creature, but no.


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